Testings and Tournaments

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We hold three tournaments a year

16th March, 29th  June and 9th November


our next event is 

9th November 2019

Tournament in Finchhamstead, Reading 

£28 (3 class credits)



Dates for 2019

march - 23th white to brown

May 18th  - All students

July 13th - white to brown

September 21st - all students

November 16th - white to Brown

All Students Welcome

Next Testing to be held on 21st September March 2019

We are in the Main Sports Hall


Start time

Instructors, Red and Black belts  11am

Tigers and white to brown belts is 1:15pm


Please arrive a few minutes early so you can have your shoes off and get lined up. Thanks


Our testing location is FBC center, Gorse Ride North, Wokingham RG40 4ES


Results are given out at the awards ceremony, held on the following

Tuesday in Owlsmoor community Centre

Wednesday at Shinfield St. Marys C of E school. RG2 9EJ


Remember a 8 week testing cycle plan your lessons to achieve the minimum number.

Tiger cubs and white           8

Yellow, green and blue      12

Brown                   14

Red                        28

Black                         32

Student Rank testings

There are six 8-week training cycles each year.  Students are required to meet minimum class attendance guidelines to be eligible to test.  Class totals start over at the beginning each cycle.  Rank skips are allowed.  Minimum class attendance does not guarantee advancement.  Theses are minimums.  Ideal attendance is 3 times weekly resulting in 24 classes per cycle.

Early / Late Testing  - Late testing are only for white belt through senior blue belt students that have “pre-registered” and missed the formal testing due to an unforeseen emergency.  Refer to your student Manual for further details.

High Rank Testing

Dates: 9th November 2019

High rank tesings are for students wishing to test for 3rd Degree Black Belt Level 4 and above.