Summer holiday times until Thursday 19th August 2021


6pm juniors 

7:30pm Adults and teenagers



5pm everybody



6pm zoom 



6pm all juniors 

7:30pm Adults and teenagers



6pm everybody


Private lesson

through out the week, plaese comtact me to times availble 

Email, call or text now, to book your 1st lesson


 One Trial lesson £8

Trial course costs £20 for 3 lessons

call, email or text to book your space


Monthy membership gives you greater discounts


Lesson Times for term time


Radstock Primary School


5:00 Tiger Cubs (4 to 6 years)

5:30 Jr. White to Brown (beginner)

6:30 Jr. Red – Black (advanced)

7:30 All adults (mixed)


Tuesday at owlsmoor centre

5:00 Tigers (age 4 to 6 years)

5:40 Juniors (age 7 to 12 years)

6:30 brown, red and black belts only




Shinfield St. Mary’s School


5:00 – Private lessons

5:30 special clinics £3

6:00 All studens age 4 to 11 years

7:00 All students age 12 years plus



Radstock Primary School


5:00 - Tiger cubs (age 4 to 6 years) 

5:30  Jr. White - Blue (beginner)

6:30  Jr. Brown - Black (advanced)

7:30 All adults (mixed)




Training guidelines

Personal Training – Cross training and individual sessions are encouraged.

Testing – Students can test if they would like to earn new rank.

Testing cycle – There are six 8-week training cycles each year.  Students are required to meet minimum class attendance guidelines to be eligible to test.  Class totals start over at the beginning each cycle.  Rank skips are allowed.  Minimum class attendance does not guarantee advancement.  Theses are minimums.  Ideal attendance is 3 times weekly resulting in 24 classes per cycle.


One-on-One Private lessons – Schedule a technique tune-up or catch-up session with your instructor today.