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Reading TaekwonDo Academy is a club with a long tradition. For us, it's not all about serious training: we love it when our students win or achieve a new belt, but we're just as enthusiastic in our training and we simply meet just for fun as well.

We don't differentiate between our members. Everyone is welcome to join us. Our qualified Instructors are team members just like anyone else and will be happy to tell you more about the sports activities we offer and help you find the place that's right for you.

We're always happy to welcome new members who are interested in joining in with club activities, helping us organise events or excursions and being part of our community.

Your contacts

7th Degree Black Belt

Lynne Lewendon

Master Instructor

Tel:07766 125735

01344 777522


I have been training in martial art from the very young age of 6 years old.  I started going to Taekwondo lesson at the age of 10 years.  I loved it so much that I wanted to give up all my other clubs and actives to do lessons every day!!!  Mum said NO I needed to keep an open mind and keep up a variety of interests.  Mums always right, but now I do get to do it all day every day! I will remember this with my own three children!

5th Degree Black Belt

Mark Lewendon

Senior Instuctor

tel 01344 777522


I started to train in Taekwondo a few months after meeting my now wife.  My brothers started first and I planned to start once I had got to know Lynne better. After watching my brothers enjoy the classes for two months, it was all they talked about. There was continuous practice whenever we got together in the living room, so I decided to go along too.  I never looked back. Training with my wife makes it a family club.

4th Degree Black Belt

Lee Simkin


Our team of instructors include

Charlotte Edwards, Lauren Edwards, Milly Remington, Emily Eagles, George Jordan, Grace Cox, Jasleen Flora, Yemo Sung.