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Welcome to our Tae Kwon Do Academy, Adults & Children’s Tae Kwon Do Classes

Next Testing 27th January 2018

11am all Instructors 

11:15am all red and black belts

1pm all tiger cub and coloured Belts. 


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Control, Understanding, Balance, Self defence = CUBS 18 months to 3 years

In these 30 min classes we teach movement, balance and control.

The class uses toys and musical instruments to encourage the child.

Parent/carers are to particpate with the children in the class, we all do the moves together. A great, fun way, to spend time learning with your child.

Tae Kwon Do Reading Academy offers an extremely varied programme throughout the year. With Fitness Classes and Self Defence Classes in 5 different locations we will be able to suit the needs of all different age groups.

We have different levels of classes so if you wish to come on your own then our adult only classes will be perfect for you, but if you choose to come with the family we can offer you Tae Kwon Do lessons as a group so you can stay together.


Cubs - 18 months to 3 years

Tigers - age 3 1/2 to 6 years old

Juniors - age 7 years plus

Adult - Taekwondo /Circuit training /Tone up /Strength training

Tigers - 3 1/2 years plus

The lesson is designed to helping the children with their self confidence, social skills and keeping fit in a fun way.


Alongside the kicking and punching we have many learning games to play.


These teach balance, coordination and help to develop both the right and left sides of the body.

Juniors - 7 years plus

Our Junior classes run 5 days a week so you can pick and choose the most convenient days and times.


Kicking and punching fun in a control classroom, a great way to keep the children active.


Taekwondo helps to build confidence while learning self defence skills. 


Give them the confidence to walk with their head held high. Give yourself peace of mind to know they are one step ahead.

Adult lessons 14 years plus

Our adults-only lesson allows the class to move at a pace that is suitable for all levels of student. Beginners are set off on a programme suited to the individual whatever their background. We have many students that have not exercised since school! If you have trained in martial arts or any other fitness programmes, we will ensure you get the full workout you are looking for.  Ages range from 13 to 60 so you’re always in your prime of life.

Student Newsletters

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